Athletic, temprament-full but stable big dog.



He is self-assured & observant, social. (restraint towards stranger is accepted with fast restore)



Scott - Standard (ranker) & Johnson - Bully (coarse, muscular powerful appearance)



completely white, or any color pattern red, brown, brindle allowed, at least 40% white



shorter than 2.5 cm, soft to sticky



Standard, box-shaped, less pronounced stopper and wrinkles, flat head Bully, almost square head, clear stop, short checkered nose



Almond shaped, as far as the nose width apart.



standard, 30 to 40% head length / Bully 25 to 35% head length Less desired errors, small errors: - blue eye, lack of pigment around the eyes or pigmentless iris - miss up to 10% on the nose - docked ears - center feet turned in or out - tail set too low - non-descended testicles - shy - anxious


Major errors:

- Terrier head (with standard) overly narrow head -over forebit (too long above jaw) ample visible difference in jaws - eyes popping out of the eye socket (frog eyes) - drooping eyelids - overly narrow muzzle - pink or multi-colored nose (dudly nose) - Missing more than 10% pigment on the nose - scissor bite or tongs - Flap ears - elbows out - weak on wrists - the angle of the hock is too large (too deep angulation) - the angle is too sharp (too steep hindquarters) - Cowheaded, x or o bony. - carp back - limp sagging back - kinked tail - spread toes - tail in complete circle - limp or mopsy movement - visible lack of mass / muscle - a poorly packed, low lying breastbone - underdeveloped tail, broken, bent sideways or twisted (kinked tail) tail


Disc qualifications:

exhibit less acceptable stable character properties (not recovering quickly enough, e.g. at shy) - Merle, blue, black or of these forms in brindle - hair longer than 2.5 cm or fluffy - Double blue eyes or eyes whose pigment is missing in both irises are missing - entropion = inwardly curled eyelid, over cornea ectropion = outward eyelid (too large, too heavy), which makes the membranes visible - cross-eyed - canines and / or incisors visible with the mouth closed. - twisted / crooked beak or wry jaw - lowered wrists (recognizable by a bump on the front shin)