This show is for:


American Bully


American bulldog

Old english bulldog

English bulldog

French Bulldog

New english bulldog





Is your dog cropped?

Born before 12-2016 you can just participate in the show.

Born AFTER 12-2016 then you need a MEDICAL STATEMENT (you must be able to show us this) !!

We have decided to approve the American Bulldog Bully and Standaard together. This is to give people competition in the ring.



The show doors will open at 9 am and the show will start at 11 am

We don't walk out. Make sure you are on time, we always start promptly at 11 am

The show will be finished around 6 p.m.


Are you coming with your dog?

This must be at least 12 weeks and have already had his puppy vaccinations. You must always have his passport / vaccination certificate with you and a copy of the pedigree.

Dogs up to 1 year of age are exempt from showing their pedigree until they have it. All pedigrees of all organizations are welcome without extra costs !!

Make sure you have a bench and a water bowl with you.

Dogs must be shown on a Showline or slip chain.

You need to clean up your dog's needs both inside and out. If you do not do this, you will be removed from show.


Aggression is also not accepted by us, not from the dog and not from humans. So come in a good mood !!



There will also be a champion class on this show.

All DBKC champions start in the champion class regardless of their age (adult dogs only) who are adult champions.

This class comes after 3 years and older !!!!


The American Bully is judged in 1 ring (Pocket - standard and classic between the ages of 3 and 12 are together in their age class puppies.)

So if you have a standard of 5 months it will start in the class 3-6 months pocket-standard and classic.


From 1 year they are separate and in this ring the: Exotic - Pocket - standard - classic - approved


Old english bulldog Alternatief and Rena are judged TOGETHER.

They will start in the ring for the old english bulldog.


American bulldog are inspected TOGETHER on the type Bully and standard. They will start in the ring for American bulldog.



There is also a:

Best head

Costs 5 euros

Here the most beautiful head of the dog is looked at.

We really only look at the head. Males and bitches are seen separately.

The best male goes against the best female for the best head of the show. Always nice to participate.

There are no points attached to this.



Free children's round.



Junior handler

Costs 5 euros


Here children can participate for best youth handler. Participation is for ages 6 to 18 years.

Child must enter a ring with a dog that he / she can handle well.

They will be in the ring with more dogs so keep this in mind. A child who is not in control of the dog cannot participate in this class.

Here they look at how they show a dog, the dog is not judged but the child.

The junior handler must show the judge: That they can walk nicely with the dog next to them like all adult showers.

Being able to show the dog's teeth. Being able to put the dog in show mode. Can listen well to the directions of the judge.

Show litters and cared for the dog.

The dog used for this may simply participate in its own class / does not have to participate in show it is a dog of the child / parent's choice.

Dogs receive no minus points or extra points for this.


From 2017 we will write down the person who has become best junior handler at the end of the year, we will see who has won the most best junior and we will make him the junior champion of that year.



What else is there on show:


Kennel Promotion breeders who can give advice about the breeds on show.


Nice stalls with ao .: Dog snacks, Collars, Walk lines, Show lines, Toys for the dog, Things for the dog Kennel, cleaning materials. 

And much much more.. 


Obtain food and drink in the catering facility. 


We start at 11.00 with the honoring of the new champions (these may also participate in the champion class).

The day will begin in all rings 3-6 months




If you have questions about the show, or are you interested in kennel promotion or coming to a stand? send an email.