Welcome to our show, here is a short introduction to what a day looks like/ works.

The doors of the location open at 9:00

All family trees are accepted with us.

The registrations are always on the day itself, at the box office you register here you will receive a registration form for participation in the show and a wristband for entrance.

You fill in the registration form yourself and keep the pleasure ring number with you and put it on your left arm.

The show starts at 11:00. All rounds for all classes are announced, so make sure you are in time not to miss the ring.

When you are called round, step into the ring and take your place on the side and put the dog, make sure that the dog walks on your left hand at all times and try to let the dog walk as well as possible on your side.

The registration form will be picked up here by the writer of the judge. They keep this until the round is over, if your dog is placed first, the form will remain and you will get it back when you no longer fight further.

The judge will then tell you what he wants you to do. (walking around, showing teeth etc)

How does the placement on our show work:

1st, 2nd or 3rd place

At first place you go to best male / female

After this best of (male against the bitch)

If you have won this one, there is best of breed (here you compete against the best American bully pocket, standard, classic, XL) or in the other ring (american bully micro, exotic) Or with the Bulldogs)

This winner will go against the best of breed bulldog or american bully and then the best of show for that day will be chosen.

Handy to take with you, A crate so that your dog has a quiet place, food / drink bowl and a show line / slip chain with short leash. (these are often also available at the show)

Costs for a show day:

Entrance fee for participation with DBKC pedigree €25,-
Entrance fee for participation without DBKC pedigree €30,-

Entrance visitors/Handlers €7,50

Junior handler €7,50 (there is also a free children's round)

Best head round €5,- (this only looks at the dog with the most beautiful head male and female separately, then they compete against each other)

Children under 13 years are Free

Visiting dog €5,-