* What are the costs of registering our litter?
Applying for a nest registration is always free with us.

* Both parents have a different pedigree, can I register my litter now?
Yes, At DBKC you can register your litter with any pedigree combination.

* What are the costs of a pedigree ?
The costs are €25,- if the dog is younger than 1 year, if the dog is older than 1 year, the costs are €30,-.

* How long does it take before I have the pedigree at home?
A standard request is AFTER payment with approximately 14 working days at home.
An urgent request is delivered within 3 working days (NL).

* Can I request my pedigree urgently?
Yes, at an additional cost of €10.

* Does the breeder or the new owner pay the costs for a pedigree ?
This is different for each breeder. If the breeder pays for this, he has probably already reported this to you.

* Does DBKC use breeders discount
Yes, if the breeder provides an entire litter with pedigrees in 1 time, the breeder will receive a 10% discount (minimum 5 pedigrees).

*People have bought / received a dog that is not allowed to breed do you check that?
DBKC has special pedigrees here for the so-called "PETHOME" (pet) pedigree.

* What happens if I don't fill in everything on the registration form?
DBKC will send you a family tree with the information you have provided.

* I received a pedigree with wrong information, what now?
If you have received a pedigree on which information is not correct, you can contact DBKC.

If the error has occurred due to incorrect or illegible information, DBKC will charge costs.

* Is it correct that I can apply for an Abkc with my DBKC pedigree?
Yes, with a DBKC pedigree you can easily request an Abkc pedigree on their website.

* Are you required to have an DBKC pedigree to participate in the show?
No at DBKC you can show with any pedigree. You do get a discount if your dog is in possession of a DBKC pedigree.

* How old must my dog ​​be to participate in a show?
Your puppy must be at least 12 weeks old and have had his last vaccination.

* I haven't received my puppy's pedigree yet, can I still do a show?
Because sometimes it take a long time with other organizations before you receive the pedigree

puppies have a delay in showing their pedigree until the age of 9 months.

* You will receive a €5 discount if you convert the application to a pedigree within 14 days of purchasing your puppy!

* With a DBKC pedigree you will receive a €5 discount when registering for a show!

* DBKC organizes 6 shows a year in the Netherlands!