Great strength for its size, heavy bone structure, muscular body, blocked head (not showing obesity, must be in proportion)



Self-confidence shows, zest for life & exuberant expansiveness to please & amp; close family bond. Gentle character



The muzzle is 1/3 of the head that must be a deep stop Well-muscled and clear jaw line Ears: Rose ear, half prick or docked



All colors accepted, lack of pigment around the eyes is undesirable. except albinism (pink to red) that is a disqualification. Protruding or protruding eyes that are too close together are a mistake. Visibility of the whites of the eyes must be minimal. Almond shaped or oval.



Jaws well defined, lower jaw parallel to snout, never up turned. Lips, semi-close and even minimal clearance accepted. Scissor bite, Nose big, with wide nostrils. All colors acceptable.



Heavily muscled, slightly curved, tapered from shoulder to back skull: Little to no loose skin.



Rounded off a barrel chest with ribs close together, rib cage up to elbow or something below, well filled, no hindrance in movement.



Fairly short to medium length, slightly sloping from the withers to the torso acceptable: Law is preferred.



checkered and square Tail: up to heel.



Short, shiny, smooth that feels smooth. Up to 1 cm. All colours.



Minor errors:

- round eyes / overly visible eye white

- both eyes unrivaled in color

- bulging or protruding eyes, or standing too close to each other

- muzzle too long or too pointed

- weak bite or bad / missing teeth

- forced or cross bite - Wry bite, Over bite, Lower bite (o, 6 maximum)

- upright shoulders; too steep and forward scapula (shoulder blade)

- curly or wavy coat

- neck too thin or weak

- neck too short or too long

- back too long

- weak or sagging topline

- carp back

- heels turn in or out

- cowiness

- sickle jumps

- narrow hindquarters

- straight or excessively angled knee joints

- bent legs

- hare toes, flat feet or staggered

- bent / sagged ankles / midfoot

- bent front legs

- feet east west, either inward or outward

- Upper arm too short

- No angulation in the shoulder or angulation

- upper arm too short / in proportion to the withers

- chest - spread toes, flat feet and hazentenes

- upright ears (full prick) or hanging ears (full drop)


Major errors:

- muzzle so short that it is hindered by breathing

- lack of pronounced cheek and deep stop

- weak lower jaw - excessive lips

- bites or under bites of more than 0.6 cm

- tail too long or too short

- kinked or knotted tail

- long coat (longer than 1 cm)



- screwed tail (screwed) or docked, bobbed, extremely short tail

- Albinism (pink to red) eyes or nose

- unilateral or bilateral cryptorchism (lack of 1 or both testicles)

- unilateral or bilateral deafness (deafness to 1 or both ore)

- rotating jaw

- Showing or possessing aggressive behavior towards people



Pocket Height at the withers (ground to shoulder) Males: 36-43 cm (14-17 inch) Females: 33-40 cm (13-16 inch)

Classic - Standard Bully: Height at the withers (ground to shoulder) Males: 43-51 cm (17-20 inch) Females: 40-48 cm (16-19 inch)

XL Height at the withers (ground to shoulder) Males: 51+ cm (20+ inches) Females: 48+ cm (19+ inches)