Old English Bulldog is stable and spicy at the same time. The Old English Bulldog is a dog that has been bred from the Bulldog from England at the time of the 18th century. The Olde English Bulldog is a loyal, courageous dog of medium size with a large powerful head and muscular body. Old English Bulldog are sporty and especially very good health. The Olde English Bulldog has improved from all breathing problems and is able to enjoy outside door activity, except in extreme heat or cold. The temperament is very stable and reliable which makes them a loyal companion, capable of protector and the ultimate family member. Old English Bulldogs enjoy the pleasure of their owners and are very trainable. They are extremely strong and sometimes aggressive to dogs of the same sex, so socialization and obedience and upbringing are important. It is best to work with energetic individuals or do other exercises.


Leavitt & Leavitt-like:

In 1971 David Leavitt started in collaboration with the University of Ohio, U.S.A., set up a breeding program to breed back the original Bulldog, the Leavitt line bloodline resulting in a muscular and athletic Bulldog from the following breeds; 1/2 English Bulldog, 1/6 Bullmastiff and 1/6 Pittbulldog.



Mr. Miller and Mrs. Hermes didn't like the Leavitt Bulldog perfect OEB, they had a somewhat heavier OEB in mind, this resulted in their own bloodline namely the Hermes Bloodline, their ideal OEB resulting in a short checkered, massive and compact bulldog. They used the English Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Pittbull Terrier and the Bordeauxdog to create their ideal OEB.



In 1985 the gentlemen Ken Mollet & Graham Woods started from England with the breeding back of their ideal OEB, the Victorian Bloodline this resulted in a very heavy and massive bulldog. To create the Victorian type, the Bullmastiff, Stafford, English Bulldog and the Bordeauxdog used.



In 1990 Chadde JoliCoeur started with the Renascence type with the aim of being an athletic, breed muscular, compact and energetic bulldog. Chadde used the following varieties to produce the Renascence: the American Bulldog, Hermes Bulldog, English Bulldog, Bullmastiff and the Bandogge (crossing: Old Family Red Nosed Pittbull / Mastiff).


Alternative Bulldogge:

In general, these are athletic bully types with a lot of bone. 100% bulldogges with a strong character and zest for work for the boss. Preferably no import dogs.



Large and high, moderately sunk between the eyes (medial groove). The circumference of the head must be the same are at or greater than the height of the dog at the shoulder.



Rose ears properly set on the sides of the head are preferred. drooping ears are acceptable as long as they are small. Muzzle Wide, deep and short with moderate wrinkles. The bite is undercut with the lower jaw turning noticeably. Lower canines should not protrude. Throat skin contains 2 folds. Great and strong teeth desired, nice white Beak must close and not show teeth



Wide apart and of medium size. Any color is acceptable.



Wide with open nostrils with no sign of air restriction. The nose should not be pushed between the eyes. There must be at least one and a half inches (3.5 cm) from the stop to the end of the nose. The nose must be a solid color.



Short to medium length and very muscular flows into the shoulders and should not be adjusted on the dog so that it seems to stop at the shoulders.



Ribs must be well arched (rounded) and chest wide and deep. Breast depth should be at least from the elbows.



Males should appear square and balanced. Females should appear similar to attention given body height. short with a slight rise in shoulders to a slight fall in the crotch is preferred. Equal back is acceptable as long as the tail does not come directly from the top of the back.



Shoulders should be well laid back with significant angulations to ensure one good movement.


LEGS / LEGS Forelegs

must be straight and far apart, nor bend or twist. There must be important bone structure. Elbows relatively close to the body. Lack of bone structure is very undesirable. Hind legs must be specific to ensure proper movement and good movement muscling.



The movement must show strength and exude determination If the dog is straight, neither the front nor the hind legs may cross The right foreleg and left hindleg are moved at the same time A good back line combined with a strong hindquarters gives a good balance and a harmonic movement.



Round, closed toes front and back, and the wrists must be strong.




- Males: Withers height: 42.5 cm to 50 cm 30 kg to 40 kg

- Bitches: Withers height 40 cm to 47.5 cm, 25 kg to 35 kg


Although height and weight above the norm is discouraged, that should not have any consequences as long as the dog is well proportioned is correct and balanced.



Any color is acceptable with no preference for one over the other. The coat is short.



Preference is given to a full tail that stops on the heel of the hind leg A pump handle tail that naturally extends to the jump joint, is screwed short or docked tails are acceptable. The handle tail pump must be carried low and not over the dog's back. Preference is given to a full tail that stops on the heel of the hind leg



In general, it must be alert and happy with a macho display. Dominant character what can be expected in nature at home, Health The Old English Bulldog can have HD (hip dysplasia) and ED problems (elbow dysplasia). They can also suffer from a shortage of windpipe, this is a breeding error



A narrow head or a too small head for the body is a mistake. Too small or too large dogs is a mistake Straight shoulders are a mistake. A hollow or narrow chest (double-sided) must be considered as a serious mistake. Yet odd eyes (a dark and a blue or light) must be considered as wrong. Muzzle should not be shorter than this is a mistake



Slack or wobbly (waving) movement or counting movement is a serious mistake Straight or "Posty" hind legs are a serious mistake "East / West" forelegs are a serious mistake. Narrow neck or small neck in proportion is seen as a serious mistake Deformed or deflecting eyes are a serious mistake. If you can see teeth with your mouth closed, this is a serious mistake Coming through the lips or passing teeth is this a serious mistake Too large ears, overlapping should be seen as a serious mistake Full standing ears must be considered as a serious mistake.



Aggression towards humans without cause A wavy coat or a long coat is a disqualifying error. Weak wrists and / or spread feet disqualifying errors. Elbows that are loose or "fiddle fronts" are a disqualifying error. A nose is missing all pigment is a disqualifying error. Crossed eyes or non-symmetrically shaped eyes are a disqualifying error. Muzzle too long is an error, scarce teeth or even a straight bite are disqualifying errors. Skewed jaw is a disqualifying error. Wry Jaw Open mouth is a disqualifying error - Missing pigment around the eyes unwanted beauty error - Small / fine teeth is a breeding error. - Missing pigment is a breeding error.