GENERAL IMPRESSION The micro should be a small compact dog with a muscular body and an angular head. The micro should have the appearance of an American bully pocket but in a small size,

Broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, 90 degree skull stop and high set ears. Minor errors: head tilts more than 100 degrees but less than 135 degrees; narrow eyes Serious errors: head tilts more than 135 degrees.

Rose ear, half prick. docked (provided they have an explanation) MINOR MISTAKES Erect ears (full prick) or lop ears (full drop) disqualifications: deafness.

All colors except albinism. The eye shape would be round to oval, set low in the skull and widely spaced. Serious errors: Bulging eyes; both eyes do not match color (except merle); blue eyes. disqualifications: blindness in one or both eyes not caused by injury.

Shortly rounded at the top or squared to fall away abruptly under the eyes. Jaws well defined. strong lower jaw to have biting force. BIG MISTAKE Weak jaw Muzzle so short as to interfere with breathing DISQUALIFICATION Rotating jaw

semi-closed errors: Excessive lips, weak lower jaw.

A full complement of large, strong, white teeth meet in a scissor bite; slightly underbite accepted. (0.6cm) The fangs are widely spaced; and the incisors are in an even, horizontal row. MINOR MISTAKES Showing teeth or tongue when mouth is closed; overbite BIG MISTAKES extreme over or under bite of more than an inch in either direction.

Heavy, slightly arched, tapering from shoulders to back of skull - minimal or no loose skin. ERRORS Neck too thin or weak. Shoulders Strong and muscular with broad blades.

Fairly short to medium back. Slightly sloping from withers to rump or accepted straight with gentle short slope at tail. A slight drop behind the shoulders to the base of the back, which is the lowest part of the entire topline, is acceptable. (Desired) The length of the back should be approximately equal to the height of the Bully, measured in inches, measured from the withers to the croup.
Back length excessively disproportionate to the height of the Bully.

Deep and broad chest, deep in the back and all ribs close together. Front legs set fairly wide apart to allow for chest development. Chest should be deep and broad with muscle mass.

Short to medium in comparison to size, set low, tapering to a fine point ending at the hind hocks are preferred over a tail with kinks and knots. ERRORS Kinks, Knots and Short Tails, Screwed Tail or Docked

slightly bent front legs, straight legs
Weak legs; buttons on elbows

Extremely curved front legs that inhibit fluid movements

Should be of medium size and compact. A slight rotation of the feet up to 15 degrees is accepted.
Feet measure between 15 and 45 degrees.
Feet measure between 45 and 90.
Feet rotate 90 degrees

Hindquarters are strong, muscular and broad. The tail is well filled in on each side of the tail and deep from the pelvis to the croup. The bone, angulation and musculature of the hindquarters are in balance with the forequarters. The thighs are well developed with thick, easily distinguished muscles. Seen from the side, the hock joint is well arched. Seen from behind, the hind legs are straight and parallel to each other.

strong and tall; slightly longer than the front legs, raising the loin above the shoulders, is acceptable.
Narrow hindquarters, hindquarters shallow from pelvis to croup, lack of muscles; straight or over angled knee joint, cow hocks.

Must be effortless and powerful. The action should be free and powerful with powerful drive from the rear. the movement should appear efficient in motion.

glossy and smooth, close and moderately stiff to the touch.
Curly hair
Long coat.


COLOUR All colors and patterns are accepted.


SIZE Height and weight should be in proportion to the dog and measured from the withers.
Males...-35 cm (...-13.78 in)

Females...-32 cm (...-12.60 inch)


There are no weight restrictions or breed requirements, but dogs must not be obese. An emphasis on general exercise is of the highest priority with the understanding that the breed was created using American Bullies and Bulldogs.


• Cranial stop extends more than 100 degrees but less than 135 degrees (major error above 135 degrees)

• Bulging eyes with narrow eyes

• Both eyes do not match in color (exception merle)

• Blue eyes

• Kinks, knots and short tails, long tails (see EXCEPTION above in this breed standard)

• Extreme over or under bites bites of more than an inch in either direction

• Snipey muzzle

• Weak lower jaw

• Severely turned fronts, front legs that are between 15 and 90 degrees

• Neck too thin or weak

• Back length excessively disproportionate to the height of the Bully

• Weak wrists

• Narrow hindquarters, shallow hindquarters from pelvis to croup

• Lack of muscles

• Straight or over angled knee joint, cow hocks


(one or both testicles are not present)

• Cruelty or extreme shyness

• Albinism

• deafness

• Blindness in one or both eyes not caused by injury

• A coat with curly hair

• Long coat

• Aggressive behavior towards animals and people