Typically a small sized doggy. Small powerful dog, short, stocky in all its proportions, short-haired, with a rocker nose, standing ears and with a naturally short tail. He must have the appearance of an active animal, intelligent, very muscular with a compact structure and a solid bone structure. In both the overall harmony, and appearance, as the movement must not be present in any part, with respect to other parts some exaggeration.



the length of the body - between the tip of the shoulder and the sit leg is slightly longer than the height of the withers. The length of the muzzle is about 1/6 of the total length of the head.



Cozy, playful, cheerful, possessive and a clever companion dog



The head must be powerful, broad and square; the scalp forms symmetrical folds and wrinkles, without exaggeration.



Skull - Wide, almost flat from ear to ear, convex forehead. The eyebrows jump to front and are separated by a particularly developed groove between the eyes. The groove may not continue on the forehead. The back of the skull is little developed.

Stop: highlighted.



The head of the French Bulldog is characterized by both a receding massive muzzle as a slight to mid-back sloping nose back. The nose is slightly snapped "snub nose".



black, wide,, rocker nose, well-opened and symmetrical nostrils, tilted backwards. The sloping nostrils as well as the see-saw nose must, however always make normal nose breathing possible.



very short, broad, with concentric symmetrical folds.


thick, a bit limp and black. The upper lip connects to the lower lip in the middle and completely covers the teeth. The profile of the upper lip is hanging and round. The tongue is allowed never be visible if the dog is not excited.


Jaws / teeth:

wide, powerful. The lower jaw protrudes from the upper jaw and bends toward upstairs. The lower incisor is rounded. The jaws must not have a lateral deviation show any distortion. The gap between the incisors of the upper and lower jaw is not strictly unlimited, however, the essential condition remains that the upper lip and lower lip are on close each other so that they completely cover the teeth. The incisors of the lower jaw represent the incisors of the upper jaw. Enough developed cutting and fangs and full teeth required.



well developed.



clearly visible eyes, cheerful expression, placed low, fairly far from the muzzle and ears, dark colored, rather large, round in shape, do not leave any look white (eye white) when the dog is looking straight ahead. The edges of the eyelids must be black.



of medium size, wide at the base and round at the top. High on it head positioned, but not too close together, worn upright. The ear opening is from the front seen entirely visible. The skin must feel soft and fine.



short, vigorously slightly bent, without warps, widening towards the shoulders.



Topline: gradually rises, but not exaggerated, from the withers direction the loins. This form, also referred to as roach-back, is a breed characteristic.


broad and muscular, firm, not loose. Loin: short, broad and rounded.



well descending.



barrel-shaped and deep (to just below the elbows). very well sprung ribs called "ton." shaped ’.



wide and square, seen from the front.


Belly and flanks:

pulled up but not like a greyhound.



naturally short, ideally long enough to cover the anus, set low, free straight thick at the base and narrow towards the point. A "broken", "knotted", "Broken" or a relatively long tail that does not extend beyond the heel is permitted. The tail should be worn low. Even in action, he must remain below a horizontal line.



General appearance: front legs straight as seen from both the side and the front.


good recline Upper arms: Short and thick, muscular, slightly bent.



abutting and tight against the body.



short, straight and muscular.


Carpus (wrist joint):

solid, short


Metacarpus (metatarsal):

short and slightly bent sideways.



round, compact, small, so-called "cat's foot", turned slightly outwards. The toes are well-closed, short nails, thick and black.



General appearance: The hind legs are strong and muscular, slightly longer than the forelegs so that the hindquarters are a little higher. The legs are straight from the side as well seen from behind. Thigh bone: muscular, sturdy Jump: rather low, neither too angled nor too straight. ankle joint: fixed Foot root and midfoot: firm and short.



round, compact, neither turning in nor out.



The limbs move parallel to the center line of the body both from the side and from the front. Free, powerful and smooth movement.


tight COAT



smooth coat, contiguous, shiny and soft, without undercoat. All collours are alloud.



Everything that deviates from the above must be considered as a deviation and will have to be punished exactly according to the severity of the deviation and the effect on it the health and welfare of the dog.



• Overtypical, exaggerated breed characteristics • Muzzle too long or excessively short • Visible tongue with mouth closed • Light eyes (bird of prey eye) • Horizontal backline, from the withers to the loins • Abundant depigmentation of the lips, nose, eyelids, the edge that should never be completely depigmented • Tongue bite



• Aggressive or overly shy • Any dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat clearly has physical or behavioral abnormalities must be disqualified • Lack of "type": insufficient breed typical characteristics with the result that the dog does not look like other specimens of the breed • Fully closed nostrils • Rotation or sideways deviation of the jaw with the result that the tongue is constantly visible • Dog whose lower incisors are positioned behind the upper incisors (upper biter) • Dog with permanently visible canines while the mouth is closed. • Heterochromia (two-colored eyes or two differently colored eyes) • Other nose color than black • Ears not worn upright • Taillessness or ingrown tail • St Hubert's claw on the hind legs • Reverse heel • Long or wire-haired or woolly coat • Size and weight outside the limits of the standard • Breathing problems • Deafness



N.B .:

Males must have two apparently normal testicles that have completely descended into the scrotum Height at the withers (ground to shoulder) Males 27-35 cm Bitches: 24-32 cm A deviation of 1 cm above or below the standard is permitted. Weight: Males 9-14 kg - Bitches 8-13 kg 500 grams heavier than the standard weight is allowed if it is a typical specimen regarding.

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