A number of changes that will take effect from 01-01-2023:

* Applications can be requested for free if both parents are in possession of a DBKC pedigree
* Are both parents not in possession of a DBKC pedigree, the costs for applying for applications will be €7.50.

* Convert application to family tree Up to the age of 6 months €25,-
   Convert application to pedigree after the age of 6 months €30,-

* Entrance for Visitors, Handler and or Visiting dogs at the show €7.50

*Regular boothplace (3x3m) €50,-
  Ringside boothplace  (3x3m) €75,-

* Participation in the show with a DBKC pedigree €25,- (without handler)
   Participation in the show without a DBKC pedigree €30,- (without handler)